Carrot Stix

The Canadian company E21 has developed a fishing rod on a biocompistie basis of 70% nanofibers from carrots. The other fibres are of a graphite with a ultra-high modulus that forms a skeleton where the mold isformed in. This is a classic epoxy.

The carrots are crushed to obtain the cellulose that is added to the resin in the form of nanofibers.
A fishing rod Carrot Stix of 2.36 m weighs 110.6 grams, which is veryflexible and dampens the vibrations so that it can be cast with more precision. It is lighter than comparable rods made of carbon and muchlighter than those with glass fibres. Yet it is equally strong and alot cheaper.

Source: tackledirect.comAdded: 25 June 2008