Stronger Fishing Lure Reels

Working with University of Wisconsin-Madisonengineering and business school faculty and students, a Wisconsinentrepreneur has perfected a fibre-reinforced fishing lure that mayprevent millions of pounds of plastics from polluting watersnationwide.

Earning raves in the sport-fishing world, entrepreneur Ben Hobbinsplans to launch his strong, sustainable soft lure in sporting goodsstores in late February.

Key to the technology is tiny microfibersembedded in the soft-plastic material, says Osswald, who co-directs theUW-Madison Polymer Engineering Center. "They're placed in such a waythat you still have the flexible lure, but you can't rip it," he says."Now, they're stiffer to the pull, if you stretch them - but they'restill flexible and deliver the desired performance."

Source: netcomposites.comAdded: 24 June 2008