To work CheckTap install CheckManager, the software program, onto your computer and then plug your PC and peripherals into the CheckTap that use a USB data cable to connect to your computer. Set it to your wishes and then the rest is done for you. If you walk away from your computer for some time or go to sleep and forget to turn off your PC CheckTap cuts off your computer without turning it off or unplugging in it. When you come back to your computer pressing any key on your keyboard will bring it back on.

The software you've installed will then let you know how much energy it's saved you and shows the consequent reduction of CO2 emissions. How? When you log on to the program CheckManager will show you how much you saved with a virtual growing tree that represents the energy saved and the consequent reduction of CO2 emission into the atmosphere. The more you save the bigger your tree becomes.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 30 June 2008