Soccer ball with PSC-Texture surface structure for better control

The high-performance Impranil coating takes the lead again at the European Championship. René Adler, the keeper from Bayer 04 Leverkusen, is a fan. "€œThe nub-like structure gives the ball significantly more grip, making it easier to catch,€" says Adler. Whether a finesse dribbler, a cool strategist or a steely-nerved keeper, everyone can now control the ball better and keep the fans on the edge of their seats.

The basis for the new ball's top form is the synthetic leather coating of Impranil. The high-performance material from Bayer MaterialScience is used on the top five layers of the ball. The brand enjoys a 50-year tradition of synthetic leather production and stands for the ultimate in innovative textile coatings.

Innovative ball surface with nubbed texture explains Thomas Michaelis, project manager for Ball Development at Bayer MaterialScience, "What makes the EUROPASS so special is the change to the exterior structure,€“ the PSC-Texture. Nubs resembling goose bumps on the surface layer give the ball more power and swerve.

Source: materia.nlAdded: 4 July 2008