Zero Emission House

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has releaseda few details about the Zero Emission House, a state-of-the-art greenhome under construction at the site of the upcoming Hokkaido Toyako G8Summit, where environmental issues will be high on the agenda.

Incorporating the latest in sustainable building technology, the280-square-meter (3,000 sq ft) Japanese-style home is designed to havea small carbon footprint. A 14.5-kilowatt solar array and a small1-kilowatt wind generator provide power to the home, which is equippedwith next-generation energy-saving appliances, thermal insulationglass, vacuum insulated panels and a green roof. The interior isilluminated by a system of light ducts and OLED lamps.

Source: pinktentacle.comAdded: 9 July 2008