Breath Thermo gloves keep your hands warm with your breath

Breath Thermo has extremely high moisture absorbing power to control humidity (water vapour) and heat between the body and the outside environment. The fabric characteristically changes the moisture absorbed from the body into the heat. The colder it is the higher the heat generating effect of Breath Thermo.

A revolutionary thermal material which generates heat allowing continuous warmth to the user. Breath Thermo creates perfect sportswear and underwear for the active outdoor person in colder climate conditions.

Breath Thermo yarn is treated so it does not expand. Heat is generated from the energy created when the yarn tries to control itself from expanding. The heat becomes trapped inside the Breath Thermo fabric, allowing continuous warmth to the user and enhances the performance of serious athletes. The fibre has an excellent moisture absorbency and vaporization, which is still under development for air conditioners and medical use.

Source: sport.mizunoeurope.comAdded: 7 July 2008