Smart BBQ Fork

Grill like a pro with a barbecue fork that tells you exactly when your meat is done. The Smart BBQ Fork is a stainless-steel fork with a built-in temperature probe. It has nine different programs that you can select based on the type of meat you're cooking and your desired doneness level. When the ideal temperature is reached in the center of the meat, the Smart BBQ Fork will beep. You'll never overcook or burn your steak again! The Smart BBQ Fork is powered by two AA batteries, sold separately. Select from 9 programs based on temperature from 140° F to 180° F (programs in 5° increments). Choose if you want your meat well done, medium or rare. Insert the fork into the thickest part of the meat to determine cooking temperature. When the preset temperature is reached, the fork will beep for 20 seconds and the digital display will blink.Thanks to the Smart BBQ Fork's easy-to-read LCD screen with an LED backlight, you'll even be able to grill in the dark. You can even use this handy device in the kitchen, no more overcooked holiday turkey!A suggested optimal cooking temperature chart is included for a variety of meats, and since this chart is duplicated on the back of the fork, you won't need to try to remember which meats require which temperatures. The Smart BBQ Fork shuts down automatically after 10 minutes to save the battery life.

Source: smarthome.comAdded: 21 August 2006

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