iceRESC 4-01 Makes Rescues In Icy Conditions Easier

In some parts of the world they actually enjoy that time of year when the thermometer drops below the freezing mark with various outdoor activities as well as ice-related sports. Unfortunately though where there's ice, there's usually still water underneath it, and when an accident happens in freezing conditions, a fast rescue is all the more important. So that's what inspired designer Calle Uggla to come up with the iceRESC 4-01 which you can think of as a cross between a life raft and a snowmobile. It's able to traverse the water thanks to an inflatable hull, but instead of having to navigate around patches of ice, a set of caterpillar tracks on the underside allow it to drive right over them which reduces the amount of time it takes to reach the site of an accident on a partially frozen lake.

The iceRESC 4-01 can also be folded up into a highly portable package and the hard protected shells that add rigidity to the hull also serve as its own protective packaging when it's collapsed. And while the iceRESC 4-01 might only be a concept at this point, it's nice to see that some designers are using their talents to create something more useful than another annoying alarm clock.

Source: ohgizmo.comAdded: 6 August 2008