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Bic Disposable Pre-Charged Cellphones

People that attended CREAX presentations and seminars, are familiar with the 'Less for less' concept for innovation. A lot of products and technologies offer over performance, for which the cleint pays, but finally doesn't use (e.g. mobile phone). Business models such as Ryan Air, Formule 1 hotels, Dacia Logan car go back to offering the basic functiuonalities at low prices. BIC and Orange took the same direction, launching the BIC® phone in France, the simple cell phone that is 100% ready to go.

Bic has teamed up with Orange France to release the first ever Bic Phone, a cell which is sold with a pre-charged battery and made to be thrown away after a chunk of usage. The Bic Phone comes with a SIM card already set-up and roaring to go, with activation being the only needed step. Each Bic Phone will also offer 60 minutes of free talk time. But you can always add more minutes if you're so inclined.

Don't be turned away so easy. We don't want you to worry that Bic hasn't had any help along the way with hardware. As it turns out, Alcatel manufacturers the phones themselves, with the telephone number included in the packaging. So while it might be an extremely low-end phone (it's made for strictly calls and texting only), at least Bic has a known hardware co-dependent backing them up.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 8 August 2008