Arniston Bay wines in pouches

Arniston Bay wines have laid up a surprise for wine lovers. They arepresenting two of their fine wines in new easy to carry resealable 1.5litre lifestyle pouches, holding twice as much as a traditional bottleat a fraction of the weight. The good news for those who are concernedabout the environment is that Arniston Bay's pouches have 80% less of acarbon footprint and take up 90% less landfill compared with a glassbottle equivalent.

Party goers and outdoor enthusiasts who want their wine in lightweight,easy to carry packaging can now take it easy. As can spectators atevents where alcohol is permitted only in non-glass containers. Quickchilling, the pouches look good enough to serve with pride to friendsat home.

Source: arniston-bay.comAdded: 11 August 2008