iBasket - Chic automated washing machine of the future

Guopeng Liang intends to make life simpler with iBasket - in some aspects, at least. Though his innovative creation doesn't help to rectify all the other hassles that come with internet addiction (like disorganized wardrobe, cluttered up kitchen, undone bed and many more), this specific concept design, which found a place in the top nine Electrolux Design Lab "08 finalists, promises to make waves in the world of laundry. Targeting all those can't find time to wash their laundry daily and feel the resulting burden on the weekend, iBasket is specifically designed to store and clean your soiled, smelly garbs without much effort.

Sporting an all clear body, this cylindrical washing angel is programmed to trigger washing once a specific weight is accumulated. With an automated time feature, it niftily cleans your unclean collection. Built-in air refresh system removes the yucky odor, too. Without making any noise, once done with its job, the basket flashes the LEDs fixed at bottom.

Playing the role of a cool, high-tech guardian angel, at least for your clothes, it also flashes a "work done" message to your PC or cellphone via a wireless connection. Made out of acrylic glass, engineered plastic and recycled aluminum, this i-gadget needs to hit the production stage soon. My laundry basket is bursting, and I need to swap it with iBasket!

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 21 August 2008