MotoPOD Cargo Pod Fits a Motorcycle to Your Plane

An interesting concept was announced at Airventure 08, the MotoPOD RV-10, a cargo pod that fits a motorcycle to your plane! The cargo pod allows you to carry a street-legal motorcycle in your aircraft's belly with a pin system, and a winch. The pod is accessible from its top opening so after landing, it takes only a few minutes to remove the motorcycle, unfold the handlebars and you are ready to fire the road. Currently, the MotoPOD unit was tested with the company's modified motorcycles (leak-proof plumbing and folding parts)to a four-seat Van's Aircraft RV-10 kit built experimental aircraft at a cost of 9 knots airspeed during cruise. But the company says it will soon offer STC'd models for Cirrus SR22, Cessna 182 and other aircraft models. Now, this luxury will add more than 230 pounds to your aircraft and will set you back for $10,000. And, if you enroll now, the company is accepting $1,000 which is fully refundable in case you change your mind. And, the bargain also includes special discounts for the first customers.

Source: bornrich.orgAdded: 22 August 2008