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Food sauce dispenser

Wunder-Bar offers bag-in-box storage that uses easy to replace 1 to3-gallon bags or pouches. Just roll out the bag holders and snap on afresh bag. It's fast, it's easy and it's sanitary. There are manypowered dispensing options. The Wunder-Bar Tee Tower condimentdispensing system offers 2, 3 and 4 button types that pour fromconvenient bags or pouches. Large color coded buttons and a stainlesssteel exterior enhance anyrestaurant's décor. The system installs into existing cabinets andtakes up little valuable space. Are you short on space? You can choosethe sleek Euro Tower design that dispenses up to four differentcondiments from one compact tower. Wunder-Bar also offers the onebutton Goose Neck. This dispenser uses the same fast connect bag-in-boxstorage and delivers fresh product with the push of a button.

Source: wunderbar.comAdded: 29 August 2008