Pirelli Cyber Tyre

Apart from the materials that go into making them and the design process that is involved, car tires have been short on tech. Don't get me wrong, thanks to changes in technology, tires are now safer than they have ever been, but in terms of embedded technology in the consumer market, there really has not been anything going on; which makes Pirelli's Cyber Tyre a giant leap in the right direction.

The Cyber Tyre is essentially a tire that has been microchipped to allow it to communicate with the car's electronics and provide meaningful feedback about the conditions that it is under. The chip will transmit temperature, tire pressure and road surface information, vertical load, and footprint information to the car's computer. And it uses vibration as its power source, so it should be relatively easy to incorporate in most modern vehicles.

Source: uberreview.comAdded: 1 September 2008