SOMI Trailers

SOMI Trailers have launched two new trailer designs that can carry 6 extra standard pallets - a 23% increase (8 extra Euro pallets for a 25% increase) per truck on current capacity. This potentially saves the transport industry millions of pounds in costs.

* Infrastructure and administration gains will benefit everyone in the supply chain.
* In addition, there will be significant environmental gains through reduced traffic congestion and lower CO2 emissions.
* The new SOMI trailers can be hauled by conventional trucks and operated at normal loading docks.
* Both new designs are suitable as reefers and dry box. No forklift is necessary to load one of the designs making it ideal for roll cages.
* Trailer manufacturers can obtain a licence to produce the designs and maintain supply continuity with trucking companies. The new designs are potential export winners as they meet European regulations.

Source: somitrailers.comAdded: 9 September 2008