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Double Deck Transportation

In the past is was only possible to use double deck transportation in case of palletised goods with a maximum height of 1.35m. Emons Cargo B.V. developed a double deck trailer with two solid decks with each deck 1.80m height available. This remarkable transportation opportunity is already operation thanks to the 2WIN® Concept.

With the 2WIN® concept a dream for every transport company has become true. The 2WIN® trailer is a sole development by Emons Cargo B.V. with the capability to load up to 54 europallets or 39 UK-size pallets per 2WIN® trailer! This has become possible due to the use of independent wheel suspension. Which means these trailers do not have regular capacity wasting stiff axles. The independent wheel suspension offers the possibility to have a lower deck just 30cm above the street surface. Therefore the 2WIN® trailer offers 2 solid decks with an available height per deck of 1.80m.

Source: emons.nlAdded: 12 September 2008