USB train tickets

Riding the train is always a time consuming process of waiting to buy a ticket, then waiting in line to use the ticket. French public transportation company SCNF is testing out a way to make this entire process easier for passengers.

This system involves the use of Weneo ID Smart, a USB card that gives the passenger the power of paying for a ticket before he or she arrives at the station. All a user needs to do is plug in the USB card onto their computer, and he or she can pay for their tickets in advance online, withdrawing funds from their own bank account.

As long as the passenger does not forget his or her USB card, the fare will be deducted from it via RFID reader or from an attendant with a handheld tool.

So far, this program is in the trial stage, as SCNF is trying it out on 1,000 passengers at this present time. If it is successful, they fully intend to implement it to all customers by 2010.

Source: coolest-gadgets.comAdded: 29 September 2008