Toshiba's 100-gram LED projector

Expected on shelves sometime next year, Toshiba's mobile phone-sized LED projector might not be the smallest projector out there, but it is said to be the lightest, weighing in at just 100 grams including battery. Toshiba hopes that the 45mm x 17mm x 100mm device will give it share of the emerging market for devices that can shift mobile phone media to new levels.

Mobile phones are increasingly functioning as multimedia centers, but the eye-straining screen sizes don't really lend themselves to displaying anything more intense than happy snaps, short clips YouTube-Competitors and the latest Snake game.

Pocket-sized mini-projectors like the Toshiba model will allow users to deliver presentations and browse their media library in full size, without having to cart around a briefcase full of projecting equipment.

The size equation has been greatly influenced by the uptake of LED technology, which conserves battery power and do not heat up when in use, eliminating the need for large, power-draining fans.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 7 October 2008