Aerogel Fabric Membrane Roof

Cabot Aerogel, a business of Cabot Corporation (NYSE: CBT) and Birdair, Inc., a global leader in tensile fabric roofing systems, announced the first installation of their new energy-efficient fabric tensile roofing product, Tensotherm(TM) with Nanogel(R) aerogel. The new insulated composite fabric roofing system will replace the air-supported fabric roof constructed in 1980, of the Dedmon Athletic Center at Radford University in Radford, VA.

Birdair's Tensotherm with Nanogel consists of an aerogel fabric layer sandwiched between two layers of Birdair - structural PTFE fabric, creating an insulated composite that was not possible before the advent of the Nanogel light-transmitting fabric inner-layer. The composite fabric system is less than two inches thick, yet it has an insulation value of R-12, meeting Virginia energy codes. It also delivers 3.5 percent natural light transmission, which contributes to its high performing energy-efficiency by reducing the need for artificial lighting. The advanced system also offers maximum moisture control and superior sound insulation. All of these are permanent performance features that will not change over time to match the long-term efficacy of the PTFE membrane.

Source: investor.cabot-corp.comAdded: 13 October 2008