d_skin Protective Disc Skins are a totally new,totally necessary product that acts as a protective Skin for all yourfavorite discs. Once your discs are skinned, there is nothing to takeoff to play your discs, nothing to put on when you store yourdiscs one product protects them all the time!

How do you use them?
Justsnap one of these onto your music, movie, game or data CDs and considerthem protected. The amazing Liplock Seal snaps onto the edge of anystandard size disc and holds tight. Leave your d_skin Protective DiscSkin on while you play away outside and inside your mediaplayers. Seriously. Your discs are totally readable right through theSkin.

The beauty is, once your discs are skinned, if you scratchthem, you just toss the damaged Skin and snap on a fresh one. Yourentertainment survives!

Technical details
d_skin® Protective Disc Skins® are a combination of the latestdevelopments in micro-resin engineering and hi-tech manufacturing. The patentpending laser transparent Skin® and micro-engineered outer ring technologyare breakthroughs in disc protection. The ultra-thin Skin® forms a protectivebarrier around your discs that render them nearly impervious to scratches andthe cruelties of an active life. The outer ring is securely fused to the lasertransparent Skin® to keep the Skin® firmly attached to your discsat all times, even while they play.

Source: dskin.comAdded: 14 October 2008