Fujitsu Concept Phone Can Be Pulled Apart, Reconfigured

Let's start with a nice concept born from a research partnership between Fujitsu and Docomo. As can be expected, this concept is a very interesting mobile phone.

What' so special?

According to David, their advanced concept will allow you to configure your mobile as you want. Actually, your mobile can be split in two parts (screen and keyboard). The screen features all software (as the video function), while the keyboard communication, radio functions (3G, network)

The keypad is a touchpad that can used horizontally or vertically. Why? You'll be able to stick (with a magnet) this part on the side of the screen for a Willcom D4 form factor, or stick it at the bottom of the phone for a standard mobile phone.

Communication between both parts is done through Bluetooth. Of course both parts can be used separately to listen to music, watch video....

Source: gizmodo.comAdded: 17 October 2008