Nested measuring cups

The three measuring cups nest beautifully into one another allowing a minimal amount of room to be required when stored.Each cup has it own ergonomic handle yet, they all nest into one another.The fitting cover allows a measured ingredient or recipe to be set aside and protected until needed.Ease of reading measurements is accomplished by the slanted sides which allow users to see through to the measuring lines and markings printed on the sides as well as to be read from the outside and the front to read from the inside.The curvature of the sides allows for easy whisking and stirring. This curvature and continuous surfaces provide ease of cleaning, especially since it's dishwasher safe and has no sharp corners to catch ingredients.The aesthetics reflect the purity of form and utility, which create their own beauty of transparency and reflection as they nest as a group.The handles create a waterfall of ripples that nest wonderfully into one another, all while fulfilling ergonomic needs of a hand from the large container to the small.

Source: rksdesign.comAdded: 13 July 2006

Tags: household