Projection screen / speaker

The speakers built into most video projectors aren'€™t exactly movietheater quality but are usually sufficient enough for the occasionalPowerPoint sound effect or poorly mixed corporate video. The KojimaCorp. based in Japan is now selling a projector screen designed toimprove sound quality by actually functioning as the projector'€™sspeaker.

The Authentic ASS-60AK Speaker Screenis made from a woven fabric called Teonex which is able to produce highfrequencies that other fabrics would simply absorb. This special fabriccoupled with NXT'€™s SoundVu technology allows the screen to also act asa speaker by vibrating its surface. The vibrations themselves are ofcourse undetectable to the human eye so as not to disturb the imagesbeing projected. Even withthe SoundVu technology the Speaker Screen can still be easily rolled upwhen not needed.

Source: nxtsound.comAdded: 13 July 2006

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