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The Nightlighter Dual-Beamed Flashlight

The standard flashlight requires the constant redirection of its beam. You need to see where you are stepping and what is just ahead, but you also need to see yards away to know who or what is in your vicinity.

A neat flashlight called the Nightlighter really targets what a user needs in a flashlight: double beams! One to light the way ahead of you and the other to light the ground you are walking on.
The Nighlighter seems to effectively combine the two functions. It directs one high output LED spotlight "out there," and two ultra bright LED floodlights toward your feet and just in front of you. The settings offer you a variety of combinations of light, so you can adjust them depending on your specific needs. The Nightlighter also considers its consumers' needs for comfort and flexibility when using a flashlight. Nightlighter has an ergonomic handle, a grip really, that serves to balance the weight of the flashlight as well as support the comfort of the hand. This grip is comfortable for right and left-handers. The battery case (3 AA's) is centered below the grip, helping to balance the flashlight in your hand.

Source: inventorspot.comAdded: 20 November 2008