Plastic wine bottle

The Australian beverage producer Foster's Group is going to bring recyclable plastic wine bottles to the market.

Foster's internationally best known as producer of the eponymous beerFosters, Crown and Victoria are going to introduces the plastic wine bottle in supermarkets in Canada and Britain.

The Australian producer has been experimenting since 2005 with plasticbottles. Only after two years has a bottle been produced that has no tastedifference and is more like a glass bottle.

The PET bottle makers are in accordance with the many advantages: they are lighter, easier to take and unbreakable. The bottles are only suitable for wines that are consumed directly,because the bottle lets air in after about nine monthse. The price is,according to the makers, at the same level as wine in glass bottles.

Source: smaak.crumm.nlAdded: 24 December 2008