filter removes 100% NOx and NO2 at ambient temperatures

Most NOx catalytic filters operate at temperatures as high as 200° C. This catalytic filter removes 100% of NOx and NO2at ambient temperatures. In addition to its application to internalcombustion engines, it can operate to remove pollution from abuilding's air or make the exhaust of an indoor generator breathable.The current generation of highly effective NOx filters requires ammoniaor urea as consumables; this technology does not, and operates as atrue catalyst with no consumables. This makes it most useful insituations where you cannot control the NOx content of the input gases,where it's not practical to store quantities of consumable chemicals,and where regular maintenance may be an issue. The catalyst coatingconsists of magnesium dioxide and copper oxide, with an alkali toabsorb the NO2.

Thefilter system is a true catalyst in that there is no need to replenishit over time. This catalytic system can achieve 100% removal of NOx andNO2 without consumables. Other NOx filters work at hightemperatures - often above 200°C. This filter technology can operate athigher temperatures, but also operates at ambient air temperatures with100% effectiveness so that the exhaust coming from the filter isbreathable. Because the filter system can operate at ambienttemperatures, it does not require a converter housing with high heattolerances just to support the NOx removal capabilities of the filter.

Source: yet2.comAdded: 26 January 2009