SERVO-DRIVE opening system for drawers and pull-outs

We live and move within a world of visible and invisible things and are constantly aware of the many familiar movements that surround us. The perception of a movement is a highly sensual and immediate way of experiencing our environment. The design quality of the SERVO-DRIVE opening system is mainly to be found in how it interprets a movement and lends it a new user experience. That is why the opening and closing of pull-outs is felt to be natural. They are of a refined sensual quality and trigger emotion - they are perceived as soft and gentle. The drive system SERVO-DRIVE is based on an innovative principle. An electric drive, mounted inside at the rear panel of the corpus, gives an impulse thus supporting the natural opening motion. By slightly tipping or drawing the pull-outs open almost automatically. Since the connection with the driving unit is not rigid, they can be stopped at any position during opening.

Source: designawards.wordpress.comAdded: 12 January 2009