Add-On Radiator

This unconventional radiator is part of a generation of products geared to the self-realisation of the individual. The central part of the radiator is a module with the measurements 12 x 24 cm which is assembled with other modules in a do-it-yourself manner. As a result, the variety of possible combinations ranges from clear geometric forms like rectangle or square all the way to sculptural and abstract forms giving the radiator the appearance of an independent expressive piece of furniture. add-On is available both in hydraulic or electric version. In the hydraulic version, the manual and balancing valve are separate from the heating element and are enclosed in a special inbuilt group, which can be put up to six metres from the radiator, a particular which emphasises the possibility of being a real furnishing element. The radiator consists of aluminium which guarantees a fast heat exchange, combining low weight with optimum precision in the connection of the individual modules.

Source: 12 January 2009