LED Glass Brick

In the 1960s and 1970s, glass bricks were important elements incontemporary architecture. They not only brought light to staircasesfor example but also served as effective room dividers in variousinteriors. Glass bricks have many positive characteristics and are asymbol of straightforward and plain clarity. For some years now, theyhave been in vogue again and are being used as components in almost allareas of architecture; glass brick walls are illuminated and thus cometo the fore. The LED Glass Brick combines this reinterpreted aestheticwith the advantages and possibilities of modern LED technology. The aimin creating this light module was to equip standardised glass brickswith LED technology, lending it the highly interesting capability toemit light in changing colours. It is this characteristic of LEDtechnology in particular that offers manifold possibilities to enhancethe interaction between people and spaces: the light can adapt itselfby reinforcing or even creating emotional atmospheres. Using thesepossibilities, the LED Glass Brick "works" with added, new concepts oflight, colour and texture, the light can thus suggest movement anddynamics, and is even capable to perform stunning lighting effects suchas an elegant and infinitely variable flash changing effect. Anotheressential aspect of what the LED Glass Brick yields in innovationresides in the fact that these light module components allow foruser-specific customisation of the glass textures. All kinds of glassalongside other transparent materials can be collocated to produce anycolourful, multidimensional light presentation, glass bricks becomecomponents for individual lighting design.

Source: en.red-dot.orgAdded: 10 January 2009