Inits small 50ml pack, Nicogel crams 50 cigarette-equivalents and fitsin the palm of your hand! Nicogel is as its name suggests a gel, not acosmetic or medicine.

Nicogel is an aromatherapy-style gel.
Nicogel has been pre-treated to minimise nicotine content to trace levels .
Touse Nicogel all you have to do is dispense a single press of gel andrub into the palms of your hands, just like you do with soap.Wedesigned Nicogel to bridge the gap for smokers when they findthemselves in places where they are not allowed to smoke. More and morethese days you are not permitted to smoke in pubic places, the workplace and popular social venues such cinemas, bars and restaurants.Even on your way to a relaxing holiday you may find yourself gaspingfor a cigarette in-flight.

Source: 12 January 2006