Medical shower head

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is widely known to have remarkable healing abilities. It is not only meant for consumption; it is also suitable for external applications. Age-old remedies, such as medicinal baths, have been extensively used throughout history. But this practice has been far less common in recent times as traditional baths can be inconvenient in the modern day context. However, it is possible to obtain Chinese herbal medicine in concentrated granules these days. They are individually acked in small parcels, similar to teabags. As such, taking a medicinal shower can be as easy as making a cup of tea.

Designed with a compartment to hold traditional Chinese medicine, this showerhead enables water to be infused with nourishing herbal remedies s it flows out. Placing the medicinal parcel in the showerhead is easy: the user needs only open the transparent plastic cover on the front of the showerhead, insert the parcel, and fit the cover back on.

The water, infused with medicine, is discharged normally as the tap is turned on. The showerhead can be rotated, which gives the user the convenience of adjusting its angle for the user's convenience and the shower head also has a rubber belt so that the detachable showerhead may be easily held in the hand.

Source: red-dot.sgAdded: 6 February 2009