Quench shower

Environmentally sustainable water conservation shower uses around 4litres (1 gallon). Enjoy long hot powerful showers without guilt aboutwasting water, using around 4 litres ( 1gallon). With a Quench showeryou will save water, save energy and help save the planet. Our waterconservation technology provides water recycling so you extract themaximum benefit from every precious drop. This is environmentallysustainable water conservation at its best.

Simply enter the Quench shower and begin to efficiently wash your body using soap & shampoo and rinse off thoroughly. This can be achieved in about 2 minutes using around 20 litres of water. Once the soapy water has disappeared down the drain, push down the drain cover and allow the reservoir to fill (approximately 4 litres (1 gallon) of clean temperature-controlled water). Turn the shower off.

Activate the Auto-Mode and the water will re-circulate continuously through the shower for as long as you like. The water is filtered, pressurised and heated to the temperature that is set by the user at the control panel – using only 4 litres (1 gallon)!

Source: quenchshowers.comAdded: 22 January 2009