Fragrance for men in gum form

In October 2005, Kanebo Foods launched Fuwarinka, a soft candy rangedeveloped around the concept that, when consumed, garlic travelsthrough the bloodstream to be extracted by the sweat glands. Thedifference is that the company replaced the 'unpleasant' garlic odourwith a more socially acceptable option: geraniol, which has been shownto have a genial effect on the fragrance of sweat.
Geraniol is a substance found in roses which exudes from the skin, with perspiration, thereby keeping the person's skin fragrant for a while. The gum is also formulated with energising maca, to offer some more benefits than simply the fragrance, to appeal to a wider range of consumers. It targets fashionable men in their 20s to 50s.

Source: gnpd.comAdded: 24 August 2006