Temperature-sensitive glass tiles

Color-changing dyes and additives have been offered in paper, plastic and textiles for some time, but this product takes the idea into a new area: glass tiles. Offered in a range of colors and sensitivities, the tiles change color based on ambient temperature, body temperature or water temperature - whatever they're touching.

The textured glass surface layer protects and highlights the color-change film on the tile. The base color of the tile can match almost any color, and the temperature change point can be fit to the user's environment and requirements. The dynamic color change begins at the selected activation temperature and shimmers through three phases, one with each 6 - 10° rise in temperature. Once the temperature peak is passed, the base color returns and remains the same until the temperature drops.

The tiles come in six standard lines; each is a different glass texture, and each offers the changing display in different color moods and ranges, all matched by complementary decos and liners. In bath/shower rooms and other areas, the tiles could form beautiful water temperature safety gauges or be a visual room temperature marker. But this technology has also been used in art pieces that transform with temperature changes: In one, a cityscape changes from a day to a night scene, complete with lights. The tiles can be used on floors, walls and counters - and, because they use glass that is 20 - 80% recycled, they're a green product.

Source: technology.inventables.comAdded: 24 February 2009