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Easy motion-sensing light bulb

There are plenty of motion-sensing outdoor lights, but what about inside your home? Many hallways don't need a light on all the time. Or a room that need a light, but finding the switch is a pain. How many socks do you drop when you hit the light in your laundry room? Plus, most motion sensors require hard-wiring.

The Smarthome Screw-in Motion Sensing Light Adapter, as the name applies, screws into a typical bulb socket - no screwdrivers required. Turn on the light switch and the bulb will turn on only when it detects motion, then shuts off automatically when there's no movement within a 16-foot range. The length of time it stays on is adjustable from 5 to 100 seconds. It retails for $25, but who knows how much you'll save in energy costs?

I want one for the hallway to my bathroom, one by my front door, and another outside of my home theater. Where will you put yours?

Source: dvice.comAdded: 3 March 2009