Custom-tailored skeletal replacements

Researchers are studying the stresses that specific athletic activities make on joints so that they can design custom-tailored skeletal replacements.

Joint replacement has taken a step forward with the ability to offer athletes replacements designed specifically for the kind of demands they will make on their new joint. For example, a runner might need knee and hip implants hardened to withstand the regular pounding of the track and trail. Cyclists, on the other hand, require joint implants strong enough to stand up to the downward pressure needed to power a bike.

It's easy to see the performance-enhancement benefits in this approach, but it also has a cost-conscious benefit. Custom-designed replacements should last longer by standing up to specific athletic demands. So while the cost of customization will be higher, the cost of needing more than one replacement could be eliminated.

Source: ideaconnection.comAdded: 27 May 2009