Fiber matchsticks

Crusaders like Uttam Bhai Patil has used environment friendly jute to make pencils and match sticks, an idea when implemented on a large scale could save millions of trees and thereby a large part of our environment. Uttam Bhai Patil had been developing his ideas as far back as 1972, when he made a pencil out of Sorghum (Jowar), a common plant found in the sub-continent. His pencil did not need trees to be felled or forests to be razed. Later, he started experimenting with jute, a material that is easily available in the south and coastal regions of India. in 2005, post his retirement, Uttam Bhai Patil made match sticks out of jute !Though the jute match sticks are yet to go into mass production, friends, relatives and neighbours of this inventor are happy with his home grown variety.This invention may well be worth the scrutiny of the scientific community, as it could be the answer to reducing the use of trees for match sticks, pencils and perhaps even paper !

Source: ndtvgadgets.comAdded: 24 August 2006