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Fire Wire BBQ Skewers

These ingenious skewers make grilling meat easier than ever on even the smallest barbeque. Because they're cables (and essentially bendy) you can drape them over the grill any way you want, saving loads of room for bigger things like steak and sausages. Just skewer your meat and veg, sling them on the barbie and make sure the tip of the Fire Wire's hanging over the side of the grill. This last bit is very important as it allows you to pick up the kebabs and turn them over without turning your fingers to charcoal. They even make marinating the meat a doddle as once you've slid the meat onto the wire you can dunk it in whatever you want and use the wire to lift your meaty chunks out of the marinade, keeping your hands clean.

Source: iwantoneofthose.comAdded: 11 June 2009