Babyglow color-changing

Usually, when a young baby cries, the cause is one of three things. They are hungry, tired or need their diaper changed. When it's not one of these problems causing the tears, it may mean they are not well. This new invention might help parents immediately recognize that their child has a high temperature - the Babyglow baby suit is designed to change color when your baby's temperature rises to a dangerous level.

The Babyglow baby suit has been years in the making. UK inventor and parent, Chris Ebejer, had the idea for the suit after watching a documentary about babies. He set about searching for an ink pigment with heat-sensitive molecules. He then spent six years and over GBP 700,000 (approx. USD 1.15million) working with scientists to embed the pigment into cotton baby suits.

The Babyglow baby suits come in pastel green, blue and pink. When your child's temperature rises above 37C (98.6F), the suit turns white, instantly alerting you that they are too hot.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 22 June 2009