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Liquid-cooling technology in a lightbulb to give 360 degree light

Liquid-Cooled LED Lightbulb

Eternaleds today introduced their new Hydrolux-4 LED lightbulb, whichis the first LED bulb in the world to use liquid-cooling technology togive true 360 degree light like a regular light bulb. The Hydrolux-4can lower your monthly electricity bill since it only consumes 4-Wattsof electricity. Each lightbulb is rated for 35,000 hours of use,meanwhile the liquid inside is harmless paraffin oil that has beentested and certified safe to UL and ROHS standards. The Hydrolux-4 LEDlightbulb is currently available in "warm white" and "daylight" flavors.

Source: techfresh.netAdded: 17 July 2009