VirtualHUD for propeller planes

The VirtualHUD is a simple bolt-on system for any plane with a nose propeller that takes a readout from almost any avionics package or flight GPS system and projects it onto the back of the spinning prop, overlaying information, graphics, warning and waypoints directly over the pilot's view from the cockpit.

It's a simple as that - the HUD is readable pretty much from idle and gets even smoother as prop speed increases. You can stick a strip of white paint along the back of each propeller blade to enhance visibility, but it's pretty effective even without it. And once the system is installed and running, there's rarely any need to take your eyes off the skies - you can easily see your pitch and roll against a horizon line, 'highway in the sky' targets from your GPS, and anything else you can draw from your avionics and GPS systems.

If you've got access to long-wave infrared cameras, you can use the VirtualHUD as a kind of night vision system too, projecting a clear "daylight" vision of your forward view that turns your propeller into a "window of visibility" through smoke, haze, darkness or fog.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 19 August 2009