Hologram labels

The safest guarantee to receive genuine Komatsu parts is to order them directly from an
official Komatsu distributor or from the Komatsu dealer network.
However, as of March 2008, Komatsu has also started to add new hologram labels on all
genuine parts and parts packages.

The hologram is a small silver ribbon on the right side of the label and includes several
unique features. By overlapping a special transparent filter card, a set of Komatsu logos
appears. They seem to move in different directions as you slide the card over the

Another feature includes the text "Genuine Parts", visible as mirror and that appears dark
in contrast in nearly all viewing positions. "Genuine Parts" will also appear in bright and
colourful letters, blinking on and off at various viewing angles. By tilting the label left to
right, small images of an excavator, of a dozer and of a dump truck will show up, bright
and colourful.

Source: komatsu.euAdded: 28 August 2009