Car Airbags Inspire Needle Free Injection

PYROFAST is an innovative needle-free injection system with novel pyrotechnical gas propulsion that provides accurate and comfortable drug delivery through the skin for intra-dermal, subcutaneous, and intra-muscular injections of liquid and solid (lyophilized) drugs. The needle-free injection occurs within 40 msec; a very fine, high-pressure jet stream of liquid medication painlessly penetrates the skin, depositing medication in the tissue beneath. The skin orifice caused by the jet stream is 4 times smaller than the orifice caused by a conventional needle injection. Therefore, needle-free injection reduces skin trauma and pain and leads to better patient compliance by eliminating patient’s needle-phobia. PYROFAST allows patients to self-administer their injectable medication easily.

Source: yet2.comAdded: 21 September 2009