Finger Hinge

The Finger Hinge is made from a combination of butt and pivot hinges. It fits on the door jamb and door edge just like a conventional hinge. However, unlike other door hinges, it is made of rotating, meshed segments so it does not leave a gap when the door begins to close. The hinge barrel is the same width as the door edge and can rotate 90 degrees in either direction of the door egress. It can be fitted to new and existing doors and is suitable for home, office and industrial doors.

The hinge allows the door to swing through 180 degrees, giving it a two-way operation. This allows people in wheelchairs and the elderly, who may have difficulty opening doors towards them, to simply open the door away from them and not have to close it behind them. The door can also be locked to prevent it slamming shut, and fitting an internal door closing device inside the Finger Hinge allows it to be used as a door closer or automatic door opener.

Source: gizmag.comAdded: 23 October 2009