Windmills that make water

Eol water produces windmills which are practical from the everyday needs of a hospital in the countryside,HQ of ONG or military, up to the most isolated villages or cities with limited or no water resource and of this invaluable electric power which will provide energy to make use of pumps and machines which turn improve the living conditions of these populations.
Entierely autonomous, this windmill can also water livestock and even maintain and develop the vegetation.

The biggest windmills can produce more than 4,000 Liter/day in desert zones and up to 33,000 Liter/day in costal zones.

The wind is the only engine of the device, first by providing energy necessary for the transformation of the steam contained in the air, out of water in the liquid state. Second, its function is to transport the steam.

Source: eolewater.comAdded: 18 November 2009