Resealable cans

Ball Packaging first launched the "twist and shut" can technology on the French market in 2008 for the Coca-Cola energy drink brand Burn.

Made of plastic and aluminum, the Ball Re-sealable End has a flat opening mechanism that is rotated to open the can and turned back to reseal it.

Ball invented the end because its research found consumers liked the feel and look of cans but were often turning to PET containers when they were on the move and in need of a re-sealable container.

Aimia Foods, which is bringing the resealable can to the UK for the No Fear brand, said consumers no longer have to worry about losing fizz or spilling contents when they want to save some drink for later.

The re-sealable technology allows people to drink the amount they want when they want it.

Source: beveragedaily.comAdded: 16 March 2010