Samsung 3D TV

Samsung has come up with a TV so stunning that 3D is only one of its attractions.
One way the Samsung 40C7000 overcomes the problem of availability of 3D material is that it features a 2D-3D conversion function which will add depth to any flat image.

Of course, it doesn't work as well as with genuine 3D-mastered material; the only way to get the full effect is from a 3D-enabled Blu-ray player.
The set is compatible with several standard 3D modes; side-by-side, top and bottom, line-by-line, vertical stripe, checker-board and obviously frame sequential BD.

All are designed to work with Samsung's Active LCD shuttered glasses. The model provided for this test was the SSG2100AB, a lightweight battery-powered model costing around £100 each.
The glasses work by syncing via an IR signal to the frame-rate of the 3D material; annoyingly, they don't actually give any indication whether they're On or Off, you just have to fiddle with power button until something happens. However, when they are switched on, they do activate themselves when they sense a 3D signal.

Source: techradar.comAdded: 9 April 2010