extremely thin seats made of technogel

Zero G seats

When observing the interior of the Pandion, the first things that draw our attention are the front seats. The car's layout is typical of Alfa Romeo coupés, i.e. 2+2. While the two rear seats are the classic "extra spaces", the front seats are two incredibly thin (30 mm) ergonomic chaise longue chairs. They have carbon fiber shells (that mimic the style of the car's exoskeleton or "skin") covered in Technogel® and backlit with reLIGHT® fabric, that conforms to the shape of the driver's or passenger's body. The principle that inspired the designers was that of "zero gravity", i.e. a warm and welcoming environment that would convey a sensation of enhanced quality of life inside at first sight, but with zero gravity.

Source: bertone.itAdded: 22 April 2010