Concrete grid floor with rubber flaps to prevent ammonia emissions

Eco floor

The Eco floor from Van Der Velden concrete was developed in 2009 to reduce the ammonia emmisions from cattle sheds.The floor is not only low emission, but also animal friendly by combining rubber and concrete.

The design has the characteristics of an 'ordinary' grid floor. The design is such that rubber elements (cartridges; replaceable) are placed in spaces in the concrete grid area. The rubber elements, which fit perfectly, are provided with rubber 'flaps' that automatically open and close, driven by the weight of manure and urine. If manure and urine fall on to the flap, they open so the manure and urine fall into the basement area under the grid floor. The flaps close again after the manure and urine have fallen. Thus, the air exchange between basement and shed are limited and therefore the ammonia emissions from the dung cellar are virtually prevented.

Source: vdvbeton.beAdded: 15 July 2010