New design Champagne bottle

The champagne industry is looking to update the iconic champagne bottle. They're slimming the shoulders to make a lighter bottle in an effort to cut their carbon footprint. That slight difference will be like removing 4,000 cars from the road.

The classic bottle of bubbly is 900 grams (which is 2 pounds and heavier than I thought), the new edition will really only cut 65 grams (which is less than i thought).

Why so little? Well, the bottle still had to handle the air pressure of Champagne (which generates three times the air pressure than a car tire). Plus, it needed to fit into existing machinery at all the Champagne houses and lastly, the new bottle had to be molded so drinkers wouldn't notice a difference. The industry believes that "the bottle is part of Champagne's image, and we don't want to affect it."

Source: gizmodo.comAdded: 3 September 2010